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Request for: What Issues Should I Consider When Getting Married?

Getting married might be one of the biggest steps we all take.  Well one big step like this requires lots of specific considerations, especially when it comes to finances.  This checklist can help us make sure we don't miss an important consideration.

What are the Eligibility Issues?
Cash Flow Issues?
Debt Issues?
Tax Planning and Other Concerns?

What are the things we should consider when we get married? This checklist will help make sure we are aware of things such as:

  • How we discuss finances?
  • Cash Flow Needs?
  • Credit Scores?
  • Separate or Joint Accounts?
  • Debt Brought in by One Spouse?
  • Insurance Planning Issues?
  • Tax Filing Concerns?
  • Long Term Planning?
  • Previous Marriages?
  • Community Property State Concerns?

Please send me the Checklist: What Issues Should I Consider When Getting Married?

Thank you!