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Request for: What Issues Should I Consider if my Spouse Passed Away?

Life will bring many challenges, unfortunately, including possibly the death of a spouse.  If that happens, this checklist can help make sure you don't miss any important considerations.

What are the Eligibility Issues?
Cash Flow Issues?
Debt Issues?
Tax Planning and Other Concerns?

Let's pray it never happens.  This could be one of the most traumatic events we would ever have to deal with.  However, if it happens, this checklist can be a helpful tool to make sure that the Emotions of the moment don't cause us to overlook important considerations, such as:

  • Do I Have Enough Cash Flow?
  • Social Security?
  • Retirement Distribution Requirements?
  • Updating of Account Ownership?
  • Was Your Spouse a Veteran?
  • Children Under 18?
  • Children Over 18?
  • Tax Issues?
  • Identity Theft?

Please send me the Checklist: What Issues Should I Consider if my Spouse Passed Away?

Thank you!