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Request for: What Issues Should I Consider for my Aging Parents?

Children become Caregivers to Parents, oftentimes.  LIke it or not, they are getting old when we're in the peak of raising our own family and we get thrust into trying to figure out how to take care of our own Parents.  This checklist can help make sure you don't miss any important considerations.

What are the Eligibility Issues?
Cash Flow Issues?
Debt Issues?
Tax Planning and Other Concerns?

Are your parents still alive?  If so you are very fortunate.  However, know that oftentimes as they age, we are thrust into the role of caregiver for them.  Here are some important areas to consider when taking care of Aging Parents.  Things such as, Can they:

  • Pay Their Bills?
  • Live on Their Own?
  • Do They Have an Estate Plan?
  • Is it Up To Date/Current?
  • Do You Know What/Where It Is?
  • How Do They Manager Their Passwords?
  • Do They Have Insurance?  Life, LTC?
  • What Is Their Debt Situation?
  • How Long Can They Drive?
  • Elder Abuse Concerns?

Please send me the Checklist: What Issues Should I Consider for my Aging Parents?

Thank you!