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Request for: What Issues Should I Consider Before The End of the Year?

This checklist is a great tool for every person who wants to take an "Inventory" amd make sure that you are doing all the right things, before the end of the year comes and it becomes too late to change anything

What are the Eligibility Issues?
Cash Flow Issues?
Debt Issues?
Tax Planning and Other Concerns?

Every year, we should take "Inventory" early to make sure we are doing all the right things.  If we wait until the year is over, it would be too late to change anything.  Some of those concerns might be things such as, what are the:

  • Asset and Debt Issues?  Unrealized investment losses?
  • Tax Planning Issues?
  • Are you on the threshold of a a tax bracket?
  • Should you contribute to a Roth or do a Roth conversion?
  • Cash Flow Issues?  Save more?
  • Insurance Planning Issues?
  • Estate Planning and Other Issues?
Thank you!