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Request for: What Accounts Should I Consider If I want to Save More?

This checklist is a great tool for every person who might want to save more money this year, but isn't sure what "Bucket" or vehicle is best to save in.

What are the Eligibility Issues?
Cash Flow Issues?
Debt Issues?
Tax Planning and Other Concerns?

We all want to save more for the future?  Some of us have the ability but not the confidence of knowing WHERE to best save.  We should all be aware of the different options and tax treatments of different accounts.  Some of those concerns might be things such as, what are the:

  • Emergency Funds Situation?
  • Do I have Foundational Savings?
  • Do I contribute to an FSA or an HSA?  Should I?
  • Do I contribute to an IRA, Roth IRA and/or an Employer Retirement Account?  Should I?
  • Company Stock?
  • My ability to help future generations?
  • What tax deferred options exist?
  • What are all the types of accounts I can save in?
  • Do I want FDIC Protection, do I want growth, do I want tax advantages?  Do I want all those?

Please send me the Checklist: What Accounts Should I Consider If I want to Save More?

Thank you!