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Homebuyers Need These 4 Essential Features For Entertaining Guests

Homebuyers Need These 4 Essential Features For Entertaining Guests

October 04, 2021

The perfect home for entertaining guests will vary according to a person’s specific needs, but there are a few universal traits you can look for in a house that will make those events easier. If your current home isn’t working and you’re thinking of making a move, start by considering your most pressing needs; if you tend to have large gatherings, for instance, you might need a place that has lots of available parking.

Once you’ve put together a list of must-haves, you’ll need to think about a realistic budget. Buying a home can put a pretty big dent in your savings, but you can consider looking for a rental instead. Talk to the pros at Reardon & Associates about your financial planning needs before making a decision. In the meantime, here are a few things you can think about putting on your must-have list.


Access to strong internet service

Having access to a reliable internet connection allows for more than just your own personal wi-fi use; it’s also used for some security and surveillance systems and can come in handy when you have guests over and need to provide music or other entertainment. When looking for a new home, check out local providers to see how large their coverage area is, and read reviews from other customers. You can also research the maximum internet speeds in your state to find out what you can expect; fiber-optic service is one of the most popular options since it offers speeds of up to 10 times that of DSL. If you’re on a budget, ask about bundling options that will provide a discount for both internet and cable.


A good-sized kitchen

Besides providing entertainment, you’ll also want to make sure your guests are well fed. A good-sized kitchen is a must when you have a lot of parties, even if you tend to have them catered. Lots of counter space will give you or the caterers room to set everything out, while creative storage space will give you more room to keep dishes, trays, and large items easily accessible. Keep in mind that there are a few easy ways to create more counter space if you’re having an extra-large gathering. For more casual gatherings, a large kitchen allows guests to move around as they snack or drink, as this is the spot most people are drawn to at a party.


Outdoor space

Another spot guests tend to move to is the outdoor area, whether that’s a patio, deck, or lawn. If you enjoy entertaining outdoors, you’ll want a home that has plenty of room for seating outside as well as an open area for playing games; look up landscaping ideas to make the most of your space. An outdoor space that has easy access to the kitchen is a major plus, as well. Taking your guests outside helps to prevent messes indoors, especially for children’s parties, and it can even be done on a rainy day if you plan ahead with an awning or other type of shelter.


A different type of curb appeal

The outdoor space at the front of your home is just as important as the back since it’s the first thing your guests will see when they pull up. When the holidays roll around, you’ll want to be able to decorate, so keep that in mind when you’re looking at homes and assess the front porch area. Is there room to display all of your decor? Is there a shed or garage where you can store decorations safely until you need them?


Dinner parties, holiday events, and birthday gatherings are great ways to stay in touch with your friends and loved ones, but if you don’t have the right space, they can become stressful pretty quickly. Think about your specific entertaining needs and talk to a real estate agent who can narrow down your choices.


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